What is Banking Card’s CVV ?

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Let’s analyze what is a CVV code on the banking card and how it can be used in the online payments. 

CVV and CVC Codes: What's the Difference?

So, what is the CVC (Card Verification Code) or CVV (Card Validation Value) code, which is typed on your card? It serves as a protective digital information, which is placed on the back side of the card. In fact, it's just three digits. They are usually types on the cards of two types:

  1. Visa contains CVV
  2. Mastercard contains CVC

So, you have the general notion of CVV and CVC. Now let's see how they can be used in practice.

Plastic Cards and Online Shopping

As the science goes deeper, the online shopping becomes more popular. The tendency is understandable, because using the banking card you may order a present for you nearest and dearest, for example. All this is possible without getting out. No long way to the store, no traffic jams and endless queues. Just order the thing today and get it several days after. Everything is simple.

If you have no enough money on your account, it is not a problem either. You may already know that it is very easy to get the credit on the Internet. Such a convenient feature can be obtained via our CVV store.  

So, you have the money. Now you can go for a shopping to buy the long-expected things or to pay for the everyday services. For example, you may deposit the money on your mobile account. 

Many people are thrilled of such possibility. However, this action bears some thread for the account safety. There are so many ways to get and than sell CVV

So, where is the weak point? Actually, it all depends on the chosen payment system, which is used in the online store. These data are requested each time while shopping online: 

  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV Number
  • Name and owner name in the Latin alphabet
  • A confirmation code of the SMS, which the Bank sends to your mobile phone

So, as you know the basics of the CVV, read the more interesting facts in the following article. 

The Commercial Proposal 

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