What Does Carding Means? 

Many people are wondering when the carding appeared? Carding was born immediately after the invention of plastic cards, CC dumps and the beginning of their large-scale use. Of course, in that times, the carding differed from the modern activity much. However, it was very difficult task to buy CVV because there was simply no equipment and knowledge. Today you can obtain much useful information on the plethora of forums, books with special literature, and even movies on these topics. Otherwise, you can freely purchase the equipment on the Internet. The only thing you should care about would be the trustworthiness of your CVV checker's sellers, for example.     

The Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Feet Wet With Carding

Let's consider some definitions that would be very important for beginners:

  • Carding means a kind of fraud focusing on the illegal operations with unfamiliar people cards.
  • Dump is information on the other side of the card packed within three tracks.
  • Mini (mini reader or just reader) is a special device for inserting a card in it and cheating its dump.
  • The Cardholder is the owner of the banking card.
  • The Encoder is a device, that writes dumps on special recordable white plastic cards.
  • Drop or dropper is a person, who receives the cards and starts cashing it out. In other cases, he may receive your parcels on his name.
  • Drop hunter is a person that hires droppers and gives them the job.
  • Skimmer has the same function as mini reader. The only difference is that it is installed on the ATMs or payment terminals.
  • Social engineering is a type of obtaining information from a person through psychological pressure and psychological techniques.

If you want to sell CVV good, you should also know that there are several types of carding:

  1.  Real carding involves using encoder, droppers, readers and other equipment, including social engineering.
  2.  Shopping carding is the purchase of goods or making a payment for it by the fraud card though getting access to the card by buying a data in a CC shop.

These two main types of carding will likely exist for a long time. Moreover, carding never stops polishing and growing. It is not a static activity due to the fact that there always appear new ways to withdraw money or buy things. As for the proven techniques, they are successfully detected and eliminated by the bank's authorities. 

The carding is like an art. You must have flexible thinking to always invent something new and looking for new ways and methods to bypass all the tricks of the system.

Each carder follows strictly to the following terms: 

  1.  Anonymity must be kept always and everywhere.
  2.  The constant development of skills in carding and promoting Vaultmarket account. 
  3.  Practice and sharing experience with other carders via forums.  


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